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Founded in 2018, ElegantCrafts is a company specialising in bringing the most classy and sophisticated handmade jewellery to our trusted customers.

A few months ago, on a Saturday evening, my sister was getting ready to attend a marriage ceremony and accidentally her necklace broke into pieces, she got very upset as the necklace was really expensive and she didn’t have another matching necklace to replace it with, at that moment I thought to myself what if I can solve this problem by making jewellery which is stylish (in accordance with recent trends), durable (so that it lasts for a longer span of time) and also low-priced (so that people belonging to various economical backgrounds can afford to purchase it). Well, that is exactly what I did, I collaborated with my sister to create ElegantCrafts.

WHAT WE DO(About Us):

We make various kinds of top notch hand-crafted ornaments with low costing but highly durable materials. New collections are added almost on a daily basis.


We do not compromise with style i.e our creative heads make sure all our products are unique, classy and also fun to wear at the same time.


ElegantCrafts encapsulates all our beliefs and ideals, we consider our customers to be our family, so we treat them just like how we treat our family, customer satisfaction and gaining their trust is our top priority.

About Us: We are a small franchise and also relatively new in the market, but there are quite a few upsides to that, it makes us more diligent and hard working, it is easier for us to come to aid whenever our clientele needs us. Our goal is not only to provide the most opulent and fashionable line of products but also the best customer service.

Last but not the least, we believe our action speaks louder than our words, give us a chance to show you that our action really does coincide with what we claim to be.


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